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So the "ask me any question at all" thing is going around again. I actually thought I'd post this a little while ago, when someone posted a call for stories folks had missed the first time around, through not being around for the event or feeling awkward about missing background or whatever, but now I look like a sheep.

Baaaa, says the sheep!

So, ask a question, request a story, any of that sort of thing. Answers in separate posts (or possibly e-mail, depending); anonymous questions are fine (lurkers! interact with me!); comments on this post are screened for your asking pleasure.

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(Screened comment)
May I have a link to the call-for-stories-folks-had-missed-the-first-time-around post?

No, 'cos it's friends-locked.

Also, why are answers in separate posts instead of replies to the comment?

Because they are assumed to be fairly long and of general interest. Also, it's easier to avoid accidentally unscreening a question that way.

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