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Politics redux
Hm. That was less helpful than I was hoping:

92% Mike Gravel
91% Dennis Kucinich
87% Chris Dodd
84% John Edwards
84% Barack Obama
82% Joe Biden
81% Hillary Clinton
76% Bill Richardson
34% Rudy Giuliani
23% Ron Paul
20% John McCain
18% Tom Tancredo
14% Mitt Romney
14% Mike Huckabee
7% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

(via kalmn)

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It helps explain your indecision between Edwards and Obama, at least... (But please promise you won't throw your vote away on Kucinich! Even if he does have an unnaturally hot wife.)

Wasn't planning on it, no. I do like the guy, but pragmatically speaking it's not gonna happen.

Mike Gravel is also "perfect" for me, and many other people I've spoken to. I just wish he wasn't so cranky and unlikely to even be considered by anyone...

I found it helpful to look at everybody's scores. To me, it's several datapoints that there is a clear difference in publicized values between the two parties.

My top two were Kucinich and Gravel. Not a surprise to me.

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