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(This'll be the only one. Probably.)

I'm not actually a registered Democrat, because I have philosophical objections to the two-party system. However, I am one for all practical purposes, and the California Democratic party will let independents vote in the primary, so I'm going to be doing that.

I'm just not sure for whom yet. It's either Obama or Edwards, I've narrowed it down that far. But I'm having a hard time comparing the two candidates. Does anybody know of a nice little chart or something comparing their voting histories and general policies and so forth?

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While I normally recommend Project Vote Smart as the best nonpartisan resource for comparable information about candidates and their positions, I see that Obama, Richardson and several others have declined to answer them.

How disappointing...

This may be useful:


I recently discovered http://www.issues2000.org, which has an astonishing amount of detail. I have not been able to determine if the site has a political agenda.

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