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Reduced Shakespeare Company
The Reduced Shakespeare Company is coming to San Francisco with "The Bible: The Complete Word of God (abridged)" on various semi-random dates in November, December, and the first week of January. (They're alternating the Bible one with a Hollywood-themed show, is why the semi-randomness.)

Clearly I must go see this.

If you, also, must go see this, drop me a line and I shall organize a Dinner & Theatre Outing on some nicely-located date to be determined later.

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Our schedule is complicated but Carey and I are interested. Let us know dates. :-)

What a fun idea! I am interested in this!
I don't have my schedule with me of when I'm out of town/really busy but I'll compare it to the dates of performances and let you know when/if any times are good for me. (will probably do so this weekend)

suzanne and I have concluded that we, also, must indeed go see this.

Oh, I wish you could have posted this last week -- I could have gotten you free tickets for last Friday's performance!

Aw, man. I wish I could have posted it last week too!

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