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My First Earthquake
That was not so bad. It was like being on a boat.

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Wow, maybe it was because I was probably driving at the time, but I didn't feel anything! I walked into the Mountain View Best Buy store and the greeter asked if I had felt the earthquake. I was like, "What earthquake?" Apparently it was a decent sized one too -- 5.6 is what the USGS is reporting. As a native Californian, I've joked that I don't really feel earthquakes smaller than a 5. I guess I can miss ones larger than a 5 too!

Yeah, I guess when you're driving everything's vibrating anyway, so it's not a noticeable change unless it's big enough to do some damage.

The big 1989 earthquake that did so much damage, I remember seeing a comic about some people who were driving at the time and just thought something was going seriously wrong with the car's steering.

Though with this one, as I just posted elsewhere, I was walking down the street pushing a pumpkin in a stroller and didn't feel a thing. :-) Though I'm not as close to the epicenter.

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