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My First Earthquake
That was not so bad. It was like being on a boat.

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Cool! My first, too, was very like being on a boat. (Watching the waves travel across the hardwood floor was weeeeird.) For me, this one was like sitting down in a chair that wasn't there! :-)

I should perhaps note that I have been through some fairly exciting events on boats.

I guess so! If it was like THAT experience on a boat, you had a rougher ride than I did, that's for sure.

Heh. No, that particular boat ride was much worse than this little earthquake here.

Hey, did I mention that my parents want our next family vacation to be in Scotland? Houseboating on Loch Ness? After the Germany houseboat incident (propeller fell off while we were entering a lock, so we rammed the boat in front of us) and the Texas houseboat incident? How brilliant is that?

Phrases like "Texas houseboat incident" mean I'm going to be slacking off at work again while reading... ;)
I'm glad you're ok. Alex emailed with a "yeah, I felt it, but I thought someone was running over my roof". He had no idea what was happening.

My First Earthquake for some reason makes me think of children's toy sets - My First Oven and the like. So now of course I'm thinking of boxing an earthquake, and how much more trouble a person would be in for *giving* a child that gift as opposed to giving... a drum set.
It's early. I know.

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