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Alexander Adams
Alexander Adams (Heather Alexander that was) will be giving a concert at the Palo Alto Unitarian Church on Friday October 26, 8-10 p.m.

You should totally go. It'll be $10 and a good time. Recording does not capture the pure awesomeness of the voice; it is in fact much better than the samples available here.

I am mostly posting this because it was going to be this Friday and I've just learned that it was rescheduled[1]. So now the rest of you also have this valuable information!

Poke me if you're going; we can have dinner beforehand or ice cream afterwards or something.

[1] Attn argh128 and platypuslord: NEXT WEEK. NOT THIS WEEK.

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Is that the Puts On Velveteen woman? I am not good at music appreciation but the Puts On Velveteen woman was amazing.

No, this is the one who sang "Workin' on a Slaver".

I thought that one was male. But all those people were awesome actually. I will plan to attend.

I thought that one was male.

Yes, since the name change.

I would think that getting a sex change would be a risky thing to do for someone whose livelihood depends on their voice.
I guess it worked though.

Well, he's also a songwriter so the risk is a bit lessened. And in the end, an unhappy singer isn't going to do a good job.

So, if the sex change made him happy, that increases the likelihood of being able to continue making a living through his voice.

I am going. suzanne is almost certainly going too. Dinner beforehand or ice cream afterwards or something like that would definitely be a good thing, I think.

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