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Our DSL is busted. I can steal wireless from the neighbors on this laptop here, but I will complain about it anyway because I am grumpy as all hell.

On the way home on the train yesterday, I wrote five pages of rather abstract how-my-emotions-work[1]; I probably shouldn't be too annoyed at anyone for promptly doing exactly the wrong thing(s) according to stuff I JUST WROTE DOWN, because it's not like he's seen it[2], but I will be anyway. Because it will distract me from much bigger problems.

I need distractions. I am going to go get thoroughly distracted in a moment here, which will help lots in a temporary way, but when I get back I will need more distractions. Ideally things that can just sit in my head and be thought about, keeping me from thinking about other things. Undirected thinking is not so much good for me right now. You guys got any distractions -- logic puzzles, deep philosophical questions, funny stories that happened to you today, deeply involving web games?

[1] Much of which will probably be appearing here soon, because what do I like writing about more than me, eh? Probably in smaller pieces, assuming it can be trimmed into coherence, and probably with more of the practical implications for people interacting with me worked out explicitly.

[2] Though some of it is not all that hard to figure out. I am not that complicated.
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