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The weather hates me personally
I was running a little late this morning, after dithering about what to pack for lunch and what to have for breakfast. As I glanced at the clock and thought "Hm, I'm running a bit late -- better get a move on", the skies opened. So I finished breakfast, brushed my teeth, put on my nice rain pants and my windbreaker and headed out into the storm.

About halfway there, it rained harder, just to prove it could.

My windbreaker is sweet and tries hard, but it is not waterproof. It does just fine in light rain; pleasant spring-type showers are just its thing. It couldn't handle the deluge at all. So I arrived at the train station with soaking-wet shirtsleeves and a rather damp front (in spots).

As I was locking up my bike, it stopped raining.


(Note to self, or anyone who feels like taking me shopping: need raincoat, in some bright don't-run-over-me color. Also backpack protector. Maybe waterproof gloves?)

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I'd say forget about the waterproof gloves. They'd just, um, suck. Hands get wet. You just need still-grippy-when-wet gloves.

Would panniers be crazytalk? I absolutely utterly and without reservation _love_ my ortlieb panniers (in yellow and black, natch). They even have messenger bag styles if you _must_ have a backpack. Tasty German designs. And they float!! ...If you would ever need that sort of thing.

You just need still-grippy-when-wet gloves.

My gloves are plenty grippy, but they still weren't dry yet when I went home. Cold, damp hands make me sad. :(

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