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The side of this bottle says "To eliminate tackiness, apply Clear Acrylic Sealer over dried Mod Podge."

Considering the uses to which Mod Podge is generally put, I am fairly sure that won't work.

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How about Opaque Acrylic Sealer? It's worth a shot.

Ooh, the burn.

I note that I did buy this bottle, and, if the test sample works out, may be using this bottle, so there should only be a limited, friendly sort of mocking of the Mod Podge. But man, with a name like that you just can't avoid it entirely, can you? :)

Yeah, I just don't get it. Even after reading what Mod Podge was (because up until about two minutes ago not a single sentence in that entry made sense), I still don't get the snark. :(

What they mean, see, is that if it's still sticky after it's dried, you can put sealer on it to make sure it's not (that meaning of) tacky.

But given that it's often used for rather ill-advised amateur production of relatively tasteless things, no application of sealer or anything else will remove that kind of tackiness. It's got this very 70s vibe, both in intended applications and in package design (the font they picked for the name, the fact that it's in orange and pink, etc.).

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