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Andres: (looking at books on the weird shelf) "What's all this stuff down here? ... Oh, things that are too tall... What's in this cabinet?" (opens cabinet) "Paperbacks! No! Now my alphabetizing job is ruined!"

We comment on the books; where else they might be stored, how very many other hidden deposits of books there are around the house, that sort of thing. I point out that this would be a simpler set of problems if we got rid of some of the books.

Andres: (shocked) "But then how would we insulate our house?"

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I feel compelled to point out that his alphabetizing job isn't ruined if he continues using insertion sorts.

I mentioned that at the time, but he didn't seem mollified.

Housemate and I have spent the better part of the one and a half years we've lived in the same apartment trying to figure out how to organize our library. The project is still incomplete.

Books are first sorted by content type and size—paperback fiction, hardback fiction, nonfiction, RPGs, graphic novels. Then, each of these is sorted by the primary key. Fiction is by author's last name. RPGs and comics are by title, and within each line, the former is by importance (core books before splats) and the latter by chronological order. Nonfiction has yet to be sorted officially, but is sort of clumped by subject currently.

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