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Not a Treatise

The worst of all the various sorts of runny nose is Constant Salt Water Drip.

I had that thought yesterday, walking home after a full day of Constant Salt Water Drip; about an hour later, it started to dry up. "Uh-oh," I thought, "The infinite perversity of the universe has heard me, and is going to give me a chance to compare more directly."

I still think Constant Salt Water Drip is the worst, but Sneezing Blood has very little to recommend it either.

Last night was pretty rough.

(It was only a very little blood, not anything to worry about, and I'm not sneezy at all today. The main symptom is the Sore Throat from Hell; it feels like someone's set fire to it.)

I am at work now, because being sick makes me stupid. I figured I was going to be miserable wherever I was, so I might as well be miserable and get some work done. However, I have forgotten my iPod, which rather changes the balance of misery. :( At least I have tea.
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