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Not a Treatise
The worst of all the various sorts of runny nose is Constant Salt Water Drip.

I had that thought yesterday, walking home after a full day of Constant Salt Water Drip; about an hour later, it started to dry up. "Uh-oh," I thought, "The infinite perversity of the universe has heard me, and is going to give me a chance to compare more directly."

I still think Constant Salt Water Drip is the worst, but Sneezing Blood has very little to recommend it either.

Last night was pretty rough.

(It was only a very little blood, not anything to worry about, and I'm not sneezy at all today. The main symptom is the Sore Throat from Hell; it feels like someone's set fire to it.)

I am at work now, because being sick makes me stupid. I figured I was going to be miserable wherever I was, so I might as well be miserable and get some work done. However, I have forgotten my iPod, which rather changes the balance of misery. :( At least I have tea.

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:( *hug*
I hope you feel better soon. But can't you work remotely? Go be ill and productive in comfy pajamas at home!

But can't you work remotely?

If they'd let me, I'd do that full-time. Or part-time, and come in here part-time. But most of what I do, they won't let me do remotely.

Ooh, kittens! Yay, kitten-icon.

Ugh! I hope you feel better soon. Tea is a wonderful thing.

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