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Let's all talk about me now.
I didn't do that Johari thing the first time it came around, but I have just spotted it in the wild again[1]. So, hey, why not?

I'm not doing the negative one, but I do find it interesting that some of the original adjectives are themselves negative. I expect that those don't get picked much by people who are describing other people; I expect the one I picked isn't going to get picked much, even by people who know perfectly well it applies. I further expect that persons reading this before selecting adjectives will correct for that tendency, and perhaps select more negative adjectives than they might otherwise have done. (So mention that in a comment, you cheater, if you read this first. :) )

Also, I found it quite difficult to select adjectives. Many of them are true at times, or about specific things, but very few of them are what I'd consider important, basic parts of my personality rather than reactions to specific things or people or situations. So something else I expect to see in the results is those temporary characteristics that appear when I'm being sociable. Because rather by definition, that's what other people have to go on.

[1] For values of 'wild' equal to 'serenejournal'.

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Hmm; it looks like your negative one did get picked by someone after all.

And, even with only five people responding, all of the adjectives you picked got picked by other people, even with quite a large pile of ones not picked. Which is interesting, given the difficulty in selection. Did you end up seeing lots of the "temporary characteristics" in the results?

For I am transparent like glass. No hidden depths here, uh-uh.

Did you end up seeing lots of the "temporary characteristics" in the results?


I was surprised by bold, brave, and idealistic, pleased about wise and witty, and fascinated by the different angles different people took (note particularly the distribution of "complex").

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