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My Inner Extrovert Is Pleased

This was a lovely social weekend. There was a birthday picnic in the park for the_ogre on Saturday, with lots of people I know a little bit, plenty of tasty food, and entertaining squirrels. Today there was a housewarming for tenacious_snail, with lots of different people I know a little bit (and some of the same ones), plenty of tasty food, and entertaining cat. Andres took pictures of the best new cheeses so we can go look them up later and buy more.

Then we went off to dinner at Marie Callender's. There was a bug -- a big bug -- a big weevily potato-bug sort of bug -- almost exactly halfway down in my bowl of soup. I was deeply, deeply displeased. And, fortunately, not at all hungry (see also cheeses).

Anyway. I have now spent lots and lots of time with people, and I feel much better now. Positive social energy, huzzah!
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