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Things I learned from my dreams this week
1. A rattlesnake is a bad pet for me.

2. But just because someone's given me an animal and I have responsibility for it doesn't mean I personally have to keep it. If I find it a good home, that works too.

3. The next time my coworkers and I have to assemble a complex Lego structure to save a little girl's life, we should assemble it up in the brightly lit hallway, then carry it down to the creepy basement, instead of taking all the pieces downstairs and trying to assemble it there, with the dark and the demons and stuff.

4. [Specific coworker], you can go hunt the demons in the other half of the basement once we're finished with the Lego thing, okay? First things first.

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Really, if it's supposed to save someone's life, shouldn't it be able to walk down the stairs itself after it's assembled? I mean, really - it's Lego. What can't it do?

It was some kind of symbolic thing, not a robot. I wasn't really clear on how it worked. I think she was in danger of being replaced by some kind of copy, and this would either stop her soul from leaving the world, or catch it so we could put it back, or something.

The local Lego club was building a large complex Lego Yoda in the Hillsdale store last week. And then they took it downstairs to the basement to disassemble it.

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