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The Mountain View Station Bike Shelter, Reviewed

I've been using the bike shelter at the train station for a week now. It seems to work pretty well. It's a dark space, like a garage with a gate on it, filled with vertical bike racks. I put my bike in it on Sunday when I went to the Farmer's Market so I could test it without the time pressure of catching a train; that was a really good idea because it took me 30 minutes to figure out (1) how to open the gate (there's more to it than just the magic number) and (2) how to lift my bike into the rack.

The lifting has been somewhat problematic; I keep falling over backwards and/or covering myself in grease. Part of the problem is that my bike is quite large relative to the rack. Specifically, it has big ol' puppy-feet wheels, so I can only use the higher-up spaces and I have to go over the top of the bar on the rack rather than sliding the bike in from the side (thus the falling over backwards; a bike is a large awkward thing to be waving about in the air). But last night fetching it down, I realized I could rest the seat on my hip and kind of lever it from there rather than relying entirely on my arms, and this morning I tried that in reverse and it worked beautifully. Useful things, hips.

The vast majority of the bicycles I've seen on the rack I've been using are also gray, unlike the other racks, which seem to have a more normal color distribution. It's the big gray bike convention; I'm sure they have all kinds of fun things to tell each other while their owners are at work.
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