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I am strong and clever
Today I have purchased:

* a seat
* a seat post
* a wee tiny cable so that it now takes tools to remove the seat from the bike
* a new rear light
* a magic number to let me into the bike shelter[1]


* relevant tools

and attached:

* the post to the frame
* the seat to the post
* the cable to the frame
* the cable to the post

those last three simultaneously, which as it turns out does not require three hands but does require some clever leverage.

I still need to make final angle and height adjustments, after a bit of test-riding, but it's kind of hot out there just now. So I will probably leave that for this evening, and then head to the library tomorrow (they close early on Fridays; it was on my list for today, but I think all that running around collecting things with which to fix the bike makes a perfectly good substitute).

[1] Technically, this is a deposit rather than a purchase.

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i'm sorry that the situation arose but go you with the clever and mighty!

Maybe it's just too early, but the notion of purchasing a magic number amuses me right now. I'm picturing lots of gasping, oohs, aahs, and perhaps a half dozen people running to and fro with little flags.
Definitely too early. I'm going to go back to my coffee now.

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