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Wailing and gnashing of teeth
Today I learned that it takes 45 minutes to walk home from the train station.

I didn't want to know that.

My bike is still here, but it is missing a major component of functionality, viz., the seat.

Tomorrow, trip to the bike store for a new one. Perhaps I can pick up an additional cable lock to wrap around the hypothetical new seat. Or perhaps I should just cover the whole bicycle in barbed wire.

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Is there some huge black market for bicycle parts? It seems like everyone I know who bikes is constantly loosing the bits that aren't chained down... (Whereas I leave my car unlocked and have never once had anything stolen from it.)

I don't know. No one has ever sidled up to me in a dark alley and hissed "Hey, you. Wanna buy a sprocket?"

Andres suggests that the shifty guy opens up his trenchcoat to show you the goods -- mountain bikes on the left side, road bikes on the right....

Impressive. Someone stole my head- and taillights a few weeks ago, but had I left my bike chained up at the train station for over a week (it had a flat tire), so I kind of expected that.

I've had my seat stolen twice

The funny part (not really) is that my bike uses a very rare post size, such that the bike shop had to special order it. I don't know that the thief would be able to sell it. Although I guess they can just sell the saddle.

After the second time the seat got stolen, I bought a cable lock kit to lock the seat to the bike (since I don't remove it on a regular basis myself, I figured I'd just lock it permanently), but I never got around to installing it. It's probably still around somewhere; do you want it?

Was your bike locked up somewhere, or was it out in the open? I haven't had any parts stolen from my bike since I started keeping it sheltered. I used to use the Caltrain bike lockers, but for the past few years, I've put my bike in the Mountain View depot's bike shelter, which is rent-free (with a deposit) and on the side of the station closest to my house.

Re: I've had my seat stolen twice

It was out in the open. I tried to sign up for the bike shelter last year, but they told me I'd have to come to City Hall between 9 and 5 Monday through Friday... which wasn't going to happen, what with the being at work 40 miles away then. But since I've gone part-time now, I can do that. It's on my little list for tomorrow, after the bike shop.

Yes, the kit sounds very handy, especially if it's meant for permanent installation and won't get in the way while I'm pedaling. I wasn't looking forward to hauling around another length of cable. Thank you!

Re: I've had my seat stolen twice

I looked in my drawer-of-random-bike-parts, but couldn't find it. Sorry!

Re: I've had my seat stolen twice

Ah well. I'll be at the shop anyway, so it'll be convenient to pick something up. Thanks for the offer!

It's a shame there's no way to cause painful humiliation to folks trying to steal stuff. (I was going to say that it's a shame there aren't ways to set lethal traps against thieves, but relented.)

I could make a decoy bike out of tar, so they'll stick to it for later collection by authorities.

This reminds me of the time my uncle said he was going to wire up his new pond to shock the raccoons that kept visiting it, oddly...
Is it completely unreasonable to think maybe you just take the seat with you once you leave the bike? A pain in the butt (haha) but cheaper than a new seat.

Is it completely unreasonable to think maybe you just take the seat with you once you leave the bike?

Yes. It's bulky, it's awkwardly shaped, and parts of it are covered in grease. Definitely not something I want to be hauling around while running errands or riding the train.

Someone stole my seat from my bike in the parking gargage. WTF are they going to do with a seat? Grr. I haven't replaced it yet, but I also don't use it regularly.

ugh, that sucks :( . better that if the entire bike was missing but still.....

Boo to bike thieves.

They have their own malabolgia in the 7th ring of hell, cf Dante.

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