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A lot of my happy memories involve food

I had a really good weekend!

Saturday: got lots of things done, cleaned up the house, made tasty food, had Andres' birthday party. All at a lovely relaxed sort of pace, with no rushing about of any sort. Nice party, too. Good compatible company, and fondue and veggies and cake and ice cream (my cake got compliments ::preen::).

Today: ::veil of privacy::, lazing about reading comic books, and extraordinarily tasty dinner (Szechuan green beans, artichokes [Andres' artichoke has stained his fingers purple, which is really weird. Mine didn't do that.], and deviled eggs -- I haven't ever deviled an egg before, I don't think, but they came out quite well). And now I have a rat in my lap.

I like this life stuff.
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