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I've never been to a science fiction convention, but they seem like the sort of thing I'd enjoy. I will be testing this theory next weekend at Westercon in San Mateo. I'm just going one day; probably Sunday, but if they get the programming schedule up in advance I might be convinced into Saturday or Monday instead.

Persons who are going to the con and want to play native guide for me are encouraged to do so, 'cause I could use a native guide. Not that you must play native guide if you happen to see me; I should be okay enough not to need one to be comfortable. (This is a relatively new development.) Persons who are not going but have general suggestions for things to do / avoid doing are encouraged to contribute below!

Persons who think it sounds interesting are also welcome to join me, although I don't know what I'm doing and therefore can't play native guide. I suppose I'm the Great White Hunter in this metaphor. I wonder if I get a sidekick?
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