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I've never been to a science fiction convention, but they seem like the sort of thing I'd enjoy. I will be testing this theory next weekend at Westercon in San Mateo. I'm just going one day; probably Sunday, but if they get the programming schedule up in advance I might be convinced into Saturday or Monday instead.

Persons who are going to the con and want to play native guide for me are encouraged to do so, 'cause I could use a native guide. Not that you must play native guide if you happen to see me; I should be okay enough not to need one to be comfortable. (This is a relatively new development.) Persons who are not going but have general suggestions for things to do / avoid doing are encouraged to contribute below!

Persons who think it sounds interesting are also welcome to join me, although I don't know what I'm doing and therefore can't play native guide. I suppose I'm the Great White Hunter in this metaphor. I wonder if I get a sidekick?

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This interests me. I have not been to a science fiction convention, but it looks like they will have plenty to do. Dedicated filkers can be pretty awesome.

Incidentally, Lois Bujold will be in town the preceding Friday (eg, http://www.booksinc.net/NASApp/store/IndexJsp?s=storeevents&eventId=350631) to pimp her new book. Science fiction fans are probably not her target audience for this one, but I have to wonder...

Lois Bujold will be in town the preceding Friday

I know! She'll also be at the con, but only on Saturday.

There's a lot of overlap between science fiction fans and fantasy fans, but I don't know how the romance aspect affects that for this particular set of books. I haven't read the first one yet.

Hey, are you still doing Westercon on Sunday? I would like to get a ride with you if possible. (No car, an' all -- I could caltrain there but it would not be as much fun.) Can I drop by your place sometime that morning?

Yes, you can have a ride; if you need the address or anything, e-mail. I expect we'll be leaving about 9:30, but there may some error because [whining deleted].

Do you have alternate means of getting home again? I have no idea how late we'll be staying.

9:30am, eh? Oh my.
Checking, it looks like the hotel is three blocks from a caltrain station.
Realistically, it probably makes more sense for me to head to the convention separately.
Sorry for the confusion. And see you there, perhaps!

9:30am, eh? Oh my.

I figure we go early so as not to miss anything if we like it.

It is awfully convenient to the train station, too. See you there!

Maybe that makes me your sidekick?

I can sort-of be a native guide. Though I'm not so much native as capable of doing the "I've seen one of these before, so if this one is like that one, this should be just ... oh, my, that wasn't what I expected!" thing.

Maybe that makes me your sidekick?

You can kick my sides any time. Er, wait....

I'm not so much native as capable of doing the "I've seen one of these before, so if this one is like that one, this should be just ... oh, my, that wasn't what I expected!" thing.

Which makes you... what, Jane from Tarzan? Clearly we need to find you an adventuring dress. :)

And pith helmets! No good expedition can head into unknown territory without pith helmets!

I wonder if the military-surplus place out on El Camino has pith helmets. They might.

On the other hand, they might be out of business; I can't remember if they're still there or not.

(Deleted comment)
Passed on to the OH, who is definitely going. I might be there with kyubi on Saturday. At local cons I like going to the art show and dealer's room and generally hanging out in a public area watching the people and their costumes. Panels are hit or miss. Evening parties are too crowded for me, generally speaking, but people seem to be having a good time at them.

Thank you for the overview. Are panels generally predictable from descriptions (i.e. they're hit or miss because the selected topics are or are not interesting) or chaotically dependent on initial conditions (i.e. they're hit or miss depending on whether or not things just click)?

It depends a lot on who's on the panels. The OH can tell you some of the folks considered to be good panelists.

What firecat said, except that one person's dream panel is another's nightmare, so it's good to try things. If you aren't sure, sit on an aisle near the back, and leave if it's not your cup of tea. As long as you don't make a fuss about it, it's usually not a big deal. (If there are only three people in the audience or something, you might fake a phone going off or some such.)

O god now I have social anxiety.


Eep! No, it's OK! Is all geeks. No one bites (unless you want them to)! They're as scared of you as you are of them, or something like that...

Completely off topic

I wondered onto your LJ from a comment on Ursula Vernon's journal (largely because I liked your user icon) and found that your interests included both Josh Whedon and Lois McMaster Bujold (also, science fiction, fantasy and chocolate, but those are somewhat more generic good things).
So I thought I should say hi.

Re: Completely off topic

Well, hi!

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