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Breasts! Breasts! Breasts!
I have become dissatisfied with my bras. (Again.)

I suspect that what I need is to go down a band size and up a cup size (again), or possibly just up a cup size, or down a band size and up two cup sizes. (Probably all of these, and more, for different brands. Hate clothing companies so much.) Unfortunately, neither of my current brands is made in a larger cup size.

So what I'm looking for is a store somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area that sells 32DDD (or E, or F; labeling schemes vary) and EE (F, G, etc. according to chosen scheme). Few companies make cups larger than DD; few companies make band sizes smaller than 34. The combination is... tricky.

I could also use a bathing suit, and I am curious about what a properly-fitting corset would do support-wise, so if you know of places either of those can be found, do please tell.

I have many good online recommendations, so I can play the mail-order game if I must, but I'd rather go try things on if I can.

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(Deleted comment)

Gee, those are expensive.

:( I don't think "properly fitting" and "curious" actually mesh well, because "properly fitting" means "custom made" and I am not $700 worth of curious.

OH! EM! GEE! You too?

I wear 32DD because I can't find 30DDD. The only place I have found that has anything even remotely close, for me, is Title Nine in Palo Alto (there may be other Title Nines around). If you find ANYTHING please let me know. Trying things on in person is essential for me. Not all 32DDs are either 32 or DD.

Oh, don't even get me started on the inconsistent sizing. I mean, bras at least have numbers and letters on them -- none of this "small medium large" crap -- but does it help? NO.

I find the experience of calling stores and asking whether they have anything in my size really harrowing, so if this post doesn't turn up any recommendations (which is not looking real likely) I think I will be trying the web options. Would you like to know if any of those work out, or do you have a bookmark list like mine already?

I've got a bookmark list but I've never had the chutzpah to try online ordering. About 90% of the stuff I see in stores doesn't fit at all, and that kind of hit rate plus shipping charges... eep.

I can tell I'll have to get around to doing it though. What I'm wearing now (32DD) not only doesn't fit (need more cup and less rib circumference) but has been discontinued (in favor of 34 C and the like, natch).

(Deleted comment)
I considered breast reduction surgery, mostly in that part of puberty when they were still new but it had become clear what kind of size they were going to be. But surgery eeks me out more than the cumulative aargh of clothing-finding. It helps that mine don't actually make anything else hurt.

Do decentexposures give you stomachaches, or is there something more universally wrong with them? I've looked at the website and they sure don't look very supportive, but they seem to get recommended a fair bit.

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