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And on top of everything else...
Echo has a lump. Two lumps.

So she's scheduled for surgery on Friday.

Which, of course, I spotted for the first time one and a half hours after the vet closed on Saturday[1]. The large one is... rather large[2]. The small one's not visible under her fur, but can be felt. They are not bothering Echo at this time -- won't she be surprised when she wakes up Friday afternoon!

(It looks to me like mammary tumors; based on the cost estimate[3] sitting here on my desk that's about what the vet is thinking, too, but I should get more details from Andres when he gets home. Uh... whenever that is.)

[1] Guilt! Guilt!
[2] See [1].
[3] Damned expensive pets, rats.

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oh no.

that's not good. can you call the vet and get a phone consultation or something, to help put you at ease a wee bit?

ian found a lump in max. it was nothing, a fatty cyst, and we're good now. so, most things like that are nothing to really worry about.

maxling and i are thinking of you both.

Andres took her in to get looked at this afternoon... $53 for the vet to look at it and go "Yep, it's a lump."

Unfortunately, rats are really prone to mammary tumors, so that's more than likely what it is. But they are, generally, benign, and spaying helps a lot with recurrence.

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