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Critical Failure on my Craft: Dinner roll
While making dinner, I managed to:

1. Turn on the wrong burner and overheat a pan instead of starting to boil the water in the pot behind it.
2. Set off the fire alarm.
3. Burn my foot[1].
4. Discover that we did not have regular pasta sauce, only vodka sauce[2].
5. Leave the carrots out of the pasta sauce entirely, leading to confusion at the small volume of sauce and the need to dirty another pan cooking the carrots separately.
6. Get pasta sauce on my shirt, which I am very fond of[3].
7. Pour water on the table instead of in my glass.

But at least I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

[1] Leaping onion.
[2] Which is still good, but not the flavor combination I was going for.
[3] Fortunately, the shirt is red, so this is not too big a deal.

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Sounds like dinner gremlins to me. They're mean bastards.

sounds like a *fun* day... that sucks. i had a meal all prepared to grill ... then i looked at the grill and realized that it was scarily meat-i-fied and it was propane and i don't know how to use it...

so i put dinner in the oven instead. seemed wiser than burning the place down.

3. is your foot ok?

4. generally i find Vodka Sause more appealing than regular sauce

you really should unTeach your vegetables to jump on you

Yeah, my foot seems to be dong all right. I put aloe on it right away, and although it went bright pink it doesn't seem to be damaged this morning.

I completely read that [1] the first time as you burned your foot while leaping an onion. Which led to me considering how you'd manage to get your feet up to the stove in order to manage a burn, but made [3] considerably more entertaining.
Huzzah for skill points and leftovers!

I completely read that [1] the first time as you burned your foot while leaping an onion.

It's like limbo, but backwards!

Well, at least we didn't have to go to the emergency room again! (Probably due to the lack of coconuts this time around.)

I seem to be consistently reading the title of this post as implying that you failed to craft a dinner roll....

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