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Castle Rock State Park (again)
I did not bring the camera. :(

I should have brought the camera, because on the 3-and-a-bit mile loop out past the falls to Goat Rock and back, brooksmoses and I saw many different sorts of very nifty wildflowers, a whole flock of butterflies, several different species of lizards, and assorted cool rocks and views. Also, on the way out of the parking lot, we saw a coyote crossing the road.

Goat Rock is neat. It's a very large chunk of stone on the edge of a cliff, and one end of it is hollow. If you climb over the ridge down the back, you can get into the bubble on one side, then stick your head out over a very long drop indeed. Much fun. :)

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For what I can identify from memory, I think the lizards were some variety of spiny lizard (which doesn't say much), and the butterflies were Checkerspots.

The lilies appears to be Chaparral Lilies, though possibly Washington lilies. I don't remember any of the other flowers clearly enough to find them in the book; they're mostly sorted by number of parts. And, sadly, my "North American Wildlife" book doesn't have a section on "plants which have flowers but aren't showy", and thus has utterly nothing on the weird little things with the circular leaves that the stem goes through the middle of.

The mutant yellow Indian Paintbrush (one yellow head, on the same cluster as a bunch of normal red ones, for everyone who isn't tiger_spot) was rather nifty, though.

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