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Strawberry Shortcake
Sunday, andres_s_p_b and I stopped by the Farmer's Market after breakfast with his relatives[1]. andres_s_p_b picked out some really fantastic strawberries.

Later, brooksmoses and I made micheinnz's double-ginger muffins. They are quite tasty, especially when warm, but a little dry once they've been out of the oven for a while.

Which makes them the perfect base for strawberry shortcake, with tasty disassembled muffin and tasty sliced strawberries and a bit of milk and whipped cream. I've had it for breakfast three days in a row now (okay, actually yesterday I used peaches instead of strawberries).

[1] At Neto. It's new, and while cleverly disguised as a cafe and bakery, it also has falafel. We are told the falafel is quite good; if true (we had breakfasty foods Sunday, because it was breakfast, but we intend to go test the falafel soon) this will make us very happy, as we've been deeply pining for Aladdin's. It does a darn good job with the cover identity, too; quite tasty hot chocolate and many intriguing dessert-type pastry items.
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Yeah, they do tend to dryness when cold, which is why I tend to reheat them. I really ought to dink with that recipe some more.

It's interesting -- my usual expectations for muffin batter are that it be "batter" in a rather pourable sense, whereas this was almost more like dough. (Since I was pulling handfuls out of the bowl to press into the muffin cups, it reminded us [1] of some peppermint cookies that we made last Christmas, with bits of white dough and pink dough that needed to be squooshed together into bicolor cookies.) They do come out quite pleasantly fluffy, though, which I think is partly due to the dryness.

[1] "Us", in the sense of, "This is reminding me of the, er, those things." "The peppermint cookies?" "Yes, those!"

Thanks for posting about this -- it reminded me that I wanted to add the recipe to my recipes file, and having the link right there made it much easier.

I am very thorough about my LJ links. I'm not as bad as wikipedia, but if it's a thing that has a webpage I will almost certainly be linking to that webpage.

Hm. I wonder if the Farmer's Market has a webpage.

And the answer is: yes (http://www.cafarmersmkts.com/mtnview.html), but it's not very interesting.

Neto is utterly fantastic. I had their halvah (sp??) mousse the first time I came up to visit Alex here; it's kept me going back. The potato-stuffed pastry things for lunch are a little disappointing, unless you put the olives inside.

It's Rachel, btw. (And Alex says the falafel is delicious.)

Well hi there! Man, I've been finding a lot of people-I-didn't-know-had-LJs recently. Did I mention this and forget, or did you suddenly realize that odd name in wynddom's comments was me?

LJ: still better than Facebook

I think I realized it was you once she'd given me your email address; before I hadn't made the connection. I hear you about random-LJ-people, though. Oddly, all of the ones I found were D&D people.

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