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I object to this URL change
The reason I object to the URL change is because now my name is spelled wrong. It's tiger_spot, dammit, with an underscore.

I don't know why I feel strongly about this, but I do. It's like having an accented letter -- there are perfectly good reasons to leave it out sometimes, but it's still wrong.

Either Tiger Spot or tiger_spot, depending on purpose, but no tigerspot, tiger.spot, TigerSpot, Tigerspot, or other hideous mutilations. Grr.

Next up: ranting about work! and then everyone stops reading 'cause it's just a non-stop whinefest over here.

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I have a rule about friends-locking, which is that I'm not going to do it. If something shouldn't be read by any specific person, then that something ought not be on the web at all. (It should be in email instead.) I use my friends list to keep track of people I want to read, and I don't want to bother thinking about whether there's something in the archives that, say, my sibling shouldn't see in the unlikely case that zie ever gets a LiveJournal (because zie would totally be on my list).

I may relax this rule over time, but for now it seems like a good check to counter my inherent tendency towards no discretion whatsoever.

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