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I made a cup of tea this morning, went to fetch out the last bit of milk to put in it, smelled the last bit of milk to put in it, and decided against that putting-in-it thing.

But I'd left the tea steeping a bit long, and it clearly needed something to take the edge off. Milk's a no-go, but what else is in the fridge? Hm, heavy whipping cream from the last batch of fondue... no, that's older than the milk. What's this in the back? Whipped cream in a can? Ah, that stays good forever!

So, tea with whipped cream today. Not entirely satisfactory, but interesting.

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You should add chocolate syrup and a marschino cherry. It's good. It's like a tea sundae.

That's brilliant.

::writes chocolate syrup and maraschino cherries on the shopping list::

::also more whipped cream, since that was the last of it::

In my experience, heavy cream seems to stay good for lots longer than milk does; I'm not completely sure why.

That does sound ... interesting, yeah.

I don't think the cream had in fact gone bad, but I don't actually like cream in tea, so I was unsure enough about it that the date seemed like a good reason not to use it.

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