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The tragedy of symbolically important possessions.
I lost my wedding ring.

I came home, put away a load of dishes, and vacuumed the whole house, with much stretching of arms under furniture and moving of bags up and down and out of the way, and throwing away bits of trash, and dusting downstairs. And then I had dinner. And then I went to take off my watch, and noticed my ring was missing.

So then there was freaking out, and disassembling the whole house. I figured the most likely thing that had happened was that it had come off when I took my biking gloves off, while my hands were still cold, so first I checked my gloves and my backpack. No ring. Then really thorough checking upstairs and downstairs and under the furniture. No ring. Vague recall of having heard rattling while vacuuming bedroom. Dissection of vacuum cleaner bag. No ring. [1] Check outside, to see if it fell off while I was opening the door or putting my bike away. No ring. Check backpack again. Still no ring. Check inside shoes. No ring. Disassemble entire house, including garbage cans. No ring.

Pout. Whine. Plan to call work tomorrow and see if anyone's found it there. Wonder whether CalTrain lost and found would be open now or if that should wait for the morning too.

Poke at gloves one more time, in distress that it was not there, in the logical place, the first three times I'd looked.

Find ring.

Stupid ring.

[1] However, I did find a button, a penny, and where the @#!$ bugs have been coming from. It is not fair for vermin to nest inside the cleaning tools.

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(hug) I'm sorry... hope that it turns up.

Oh, it turned up. In the first place I looked for it. The fourth time I looked there.

Musta been quantum tunneling, or hiding in an alternate universe, or something.

I hate when it takes 4 times looking in the exact same place to find something. I'm glad you found it, though. I know how upset I was when I lost my engagement ring for a week. :/

I know that sinking, horrible feeling.

I've temporarily lost the engagement ring several times, Kevin's ring several times, and the diamond fell out of my engagement ring about a week-and-a-half before the wedding[1].

I'm glad you found it, but I'm sorry you had to go through the panic.

[1] Even the most non-traditional people that I knew considered that a bad omen and went pale. We got married anyway.

Actually, I think on the whole I'm pleased. Because (1) it wasn't in the vacuum cleaner and (2) the bugs have been evicted. I wouldn't have looked in the vacuum cleaner bag if the ring hadn't gone missing, and I'm very glad I found the bug-source.

It is not fair for vermin to nest inside the cleaning tools.

Oh, my. That is just wonderful. I mean, it's not fair, they shouldn't do that, but it made me laugh.

Glad you found the ring.

vermin to nest inside the cleaning tools.

"She'll never think we're here. It's the perfect hideout!"

Glad you found your ring and the bugs. Adrenaline is all very well and good once in a while, but not recommended as a sustained diet.

She'll never think we're here.

Not in a million billion years. We'd come to the conclusion that they were coming from somewhere in the closet, but the only food source we could possibly think of was the coats, if they were clothing-eating bugs, and those were all fine....

I'm not entirely sure how they were getting out of the bag, though; I guess up through the hose, but that's a long way for a little bug. Makes me worry about whether what we really need to do is, like, dip the vacuum cleaner in bleach or something, if there are maybe eggs in other parts of it.

I am really skeeved out by the whole bug thing; I keep seeing the dust-with-eggs in my head, and it freaks me out a little more each time. :(

Yeah, okay, that would freak me out too. Ugh!

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