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I've been interviewed!

By serenejournal. I answered in comments, but I may as well put it up here, too, so the rest of you can slavishly follow every wondrous dripping of my pen read it if you want to.

1. Cost is no object, and you can have a pound of any chocolate you choose. Which one?

I am really not picky about chocolate, and I don't in fact know much about expensive-type chocolates. So I would probably get an assortment of several different types of chocolate, and learn.

2. You have many geekinesses. What's your favorite in yourself?

I am a very small quantity of geeky about a very large number of things. That is, I like a lot of traditional geek stuff, but I don't tend to get as deeply involved in knowing all the numbers and details as someone who was really geeky about [whatever subject] would do; I tend to just learn enough to do whatever it is I'm doing with it, and then I run off to learn something else.

I would say that my major geekiness is probably Language Geek. That's a useful one (I get paid for it!), and it's entertaining.

My favorite geek-type quality, as distinct from field of geekiness, is playing with stuff. I like to fiddle with things, and build things, and create small units of art, and I think that's a good quality.

3. What's the story on this icon?

This icon (which is my default now, but which I have now carefully individually selected for this comment post so that if I later change my default it will still be here for reference) is from a photo shoot for the "Girls of the University of Texas Fencing Team" calendar we did as a fund-raiser in 2001. It was a lousy calendar, because someone decided having it printed with real-calendar twelve months and space to write in and everything was too expensive, so it was just one sheet with the whole year on it. But the pictures were very nice. I have a fair number of pictures of me that I like, but when I tried cropping and shrinking them for icons, this one and the one of me as a baby in the bath are the only ones that came out well; the rest mostly need to have more of the picture in them to provide context, and then they're too small to see my face.

The shirt isn't mine; all the clothes I brought to the photo shoot were deemed insufficiently sexy, so somebody loaned me that one. I was wearing someone else's shoes, too.

4. What's your preferred way of getting blissed out?


Also: snuggling in general, really good food, being in amongst friends who are all having an awesome time, climbing up on top of big rocks with good views, excellent music + an appropriate environment/activity, playing excellent music (although that works best with a group and I haven't had a group since marching band in high school, but I can do it myself occasionally). Etc. :)

5. What's the last time you got truly frustrated, and how did you deal with it?

Hm. Right now / the last few weeks I've been a bit frustrated with a situation at work; I feel like I should be doing a really good job at a particular task, but the editor in charge keeps making lots of changes, and I don't understand why. Mostly that needs to be dealt with by talking to the other person involved, and getting more examples of what I'm supposed to be doing. Latest resolved situation... I can't think. Job-hunting never really got fully resolved, relationship issue has improved / is improving but isn't exactly gone, clothing companies still insist on not making jeans that fit me....

Generally speaking, there are two things I can do when frustrated: (1) Keep pounding away until I get it, or (2) give up and go do something else. Usually the best approach is to go away and do something else for a while, then come back and try it again. A couple repetitions of that will usually get me over whatever-it-was that was in the way. Although if I can come up with a way of getting what I wanted that doesn't involve going through the frustrating bit, that's good too -- and I did fix my last broken old pair of jeans, so now I have jeans that fit even if no company will make them anymore. Ha, take that, stupid clothing companies.

Oh, yes, and if you would like interview questions of your own do please comment and ask for some.
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