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Last of the Pittsburgh Rodents
Clio died yesterday. We don't know why; she wasn't sick, and she wasn't injured. It might have been a heart attack. She was uncomfortable and cranky Saturday afternoon, but I thought that was just because it was unusually warm. Tuesday she had some banana in the morning, and then by the time we'd gotten home from work she was gone.

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(Deleted comment)
I'm sorry to hear this


*hugs* Eeek. That sounds rather traumatic indeed. Poor ratling.

Actually, I'd say this is one of the least upsetting rat deaths we've had. Surprising, yes, but she didn't suffer (she couldn't have! there wasn't time!) and we didn't have all that anticipation/guilt stuff built up.

Sympathy to you and yours.

and *hugs*

Thank you.

I'm very sorry to hear this.

A sad shock.

Thank you. It's nice to get sympathies from so many different people.

:( I'm sorry about your loss.

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