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Rumors of my explosion have been greatly exaggerated
So last night: computer explodes, Andres pulls out the laptop and finds thousands of other people complaining of the same symptoms -- loud pop, black screen, computer won't turn on -- and concludes it must have been the power supply. Much grousing about warranty and whether the hard drives will have been damaged and so forth.

Right before we go to bed, I wonder "Say, did you ever try turning it back on?"

And it works perfectly.

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I had this happen with a PC power supply (I assume this was a Mac). The computer wasn't damaged, but I replaced the power supply anyways. I asked around, and the general consensus was that a capacitor blew, and that while not critical, it could affect the future stability of the power supply. If it's not too expensive to replace it, I probably would.

Seconded, yeah. I'd at least open up the case and have a look in the power supply -- a blown cap should be pretty obvious. (Though, if it's still under warranty, you probably don't want to actually break the sticker to open the power supply, if Macs are like PCs and have the "if you break this sticker, the warranty is void" stickers on the power supply, and I don't know if they've got enough vent holes in the power supply to see in.)

Do people really ever leave those stickers intact?

Oh, yeah, I suppose they would. I just always like opening up my machines to play with their insides (maybe this explains why I've had to reinstall Windows twice in just over a year... hmmm.)

I leave the ones on the power supply intact while they're still under warranty, because there's not much you can do inside a power supply except look at it and say, "yup, that cap looks blown", and maybe replace the fan. And I have returned a power supply under warranty before.

On the other hand, I've also opened up an (out-of-warranty) power supply very carefully so as not to break the sticker....

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