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No, like, actually exploded!
While I was writing that last entry there, Andres' computer exploded.

I do use that word metaphorically a lot, to indicate "ceased working in a sudden and impressive manner", but here I actually mean exploded.

There was a loud POP!

The screen went dark.

There was an odor of burnt.

And a lack of functioning.

He thinks the warranty expired... yesterday. We suspect the power supply.

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Goodness! I'm glad nobody got hurt when the magic smoke escaped! I hope it's all easily (and cheaply) fixable.

... upon later investigation, it does not in fact appear to be broken.

This is very strange.

Yikes. I hope it's just the PSU.

At the moment, I am envisioning the power supply sitting in the case cackling to itself, plotting future heart-attack inducements, or possibly carpet fires. I am highly suspicious of items that explode and then continue working.

Yeah - I see an evil plan in the making here.

I've had that happen before. It was in high school and we were writing programs. Testing out the program, it said on the screen "hit any key to continue" and when we hit the key, there was a loud pop, the screen went blank and there was the smell of burn stuff.

Scared the heck of out everyone in the room.

Ooh. Good timing on that one. :)

The day after the warranty expired? That almost makes you suspect conspiracy....

Yep. "Oh, so it was the time bomb, then."

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