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The phone company is sand in the gears of my smoothly-functioning world
No phone or internet until the 11th! The 11th! TWO WEEKS without my precious contact with the outside world!

Well. I think we can get everything that needs to be done on the phone done from here before we move over to the new place, and presumably Internet access can be borrowed from somewhere (local library, say), but still. All you have to do is fill in a form and flip a switch, people! If you tell me which switch to flip I will open the junction box and do it myself!

(If you, the reader, happen to know in detail why it is in fact much more complicated than flipping a switch and I should relax because it does actually take two weeks to turn on phone service, do please enlighten me. Conversely, if you, the reader, happen to know that it is so that simple, let me know so I can be really righteously irritated instead of having this niggling suspicion that I might be being slightly unreasonable.)

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Which of the various companies that offer local phone service in the area is this? (Not that it matters; they're all pretty much that way. Though I think AT&T -- now Comcast -- was a bit better than PacBell.)

When we moved into our old apartment, Suzi spent quite literally most of an afternoon on hold with PacBell getting things straightened out. After they assigned us a number that they had simultaneously assigned to someone else, thus confusing the voicemail system royally and allowing us to make outgoing calls but not get incoming calls or possibly something the other way around.

It does not take two weeks, because it did not take them anywhere near two weeks for us. Though that was just phone service -- I think that by getting both at once, you got a sort of average, as I've heard people talking about times like four weeks for internet service.

SBC, I think it is.

Ratzin' fratzin' phone companies. All the same. Grr.

Ah, yes. I forgot that PacBell is now SBC.

The names change, the customer service stays the same.

And, of course, now SBC is AT&T. Again.

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