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The color meme

I am cranky today. (Yes, still. I have been cranky for days.)

I don't want to work. So I'm not. I'm doing memes instead. And then maybe I will have gathered the mental fortitude to get some of the vast quantity of work that needs to be done done. (I did a lot of to-do list cleanup Wednesday, but I feel kind of behind on work I get paid for. Haven't missed any deadlines; am not in any particular danger of missing deadlines; feel behind/lazy/guilty anyway. I think I mostly need to fix this by not feeling guilty rather than by actually getting work done, which is unusual for me [usually getting things done is the fastest way to not feel guilty, but these projects are all big enough that I won't finish them today, and I don't think less will help much].)

This is the color meme; I think I saw it most recently from kightp and serenejournal.


1. Closest red thing to you?: A paperweight.
2. Last thing to make you angry?: andres_s_p_b. Wait. Does he count as a thing?
3. Do you have a temper?: Not usually, but if I am already cranky or frustrated I can flash.
4. Are you a fan of romance?: Not as a rule. I like little, creative romantic things, but large, sweeping romantic gestures seem to backfire an awful lot. And the cultural conception of "romance" is entirely too one-size-fits-all for my taste.


1. Closest orange thing to you?: Part of a rainbow-colored pad of notepaper.
2. Do you like to burn things?: I like fire, but I prefer to burn only things that were meant to be burnt (wood, pine cones, candles, occasional newspaper twists for kindling, etc.). I've never burnt things to get rid of them (old photos of people you don't like anymore, books from classes you hated, clothes that remind you of something bad, etc.).
3. Dress up for Halloween?: I like to, but I usually don't remember that far enough in advance to make a really good costume.
4. Are you usually a warm-hearted person?: I guess?
5. Are you usually full of energy?: Not so much.


1. Closest yellow thing to you?: A pencil. Actually, there's some yellow on my t-shirt, too, but I didn't remember to look until I saw "blue".
2. The happiest time[s] of your life?: I tend to bliss on little moments rather than on events or long time periods that are easy to mention in questions like this.
3. Favorite holiday: Christmas.
4. Are you a coward?: About some things, yeah.
5. Do you burn or tan?: I tan, usually. If I do burn, it tans instead of peeling.


1. Closest green thing to you?: Looks like the rainbow notepaper again. Or possibly this ethernet cable.
2. Do you care about the environment?: I live here. Of course I care.
3. Are you jealous of anyone right now?: No.
4. Are you a lucky person?: Yes.
5. Do you always want what you can't have?: Certainly not always. In general, I try not to want things I can't have, and usually succeed. (Most of the time I don't really want it; occasionally I go and get it, thereby proving that I can so have it.)
6. Do you like being outdoors?: Yes. I should do that more.
7. Are you Irish?: No.


1. Closest blue thing to you?: My t-shirt is blue.
2. Are you good at calming people down?: Depends on what they're upset about.
3. Do you like the sea?: Yes.
4. What was the last thing that made you cry?: andres_s_p_b, again if he counts as a thing. I usually cry when frustrated, rather than sad, so this is part of the angry one rather than being a separate incident/situation.
5. Are you a logical thinker?: Sometimes relentlessly so.
6. Can you sleep easily?: I drop off pretty quickly, but lately I have been having upsetting dreams and waking up repeatedly early in the morning.


1. Closest purple thing to you?: Notepaper again. I should move that farther away, so as to have a greater variety of answers here.
2. Like being treated to expensive things?: I like them better when the person treating has found a good bargain.
3. Do you like mysterious things?: I like puzzles which are clearly defined as such, and I like things nobody's figured out yet. I really really hate it when things I ought to be able to figure out (like tax stuff) are poorly defined and hard to understand, or when they have hidden information.
4. Favorite type of chocolate?: All of it. Except white chocolate. I have nothing against white chocolate, mind you, but it is less good than real chocolate.
5. Ever met anyone from an online community: Indeed. ::waves::
6. Are you creative?: Yes. Although I've had less opportunity to indulge/improve/work with that lately, and that's been a bit distressing. I now have plans in place to correct the lack, and am collecting materials for same. (Speaking of which, if you happen to have a bunch of old magazines/greeting cards/other paper products with pictures you don't want anymore, for collage-making purposes, I can totally take those off your hands. Also: newspapers, feathers, any kind of colored foil, and metallic paints or marker-paint-pen-things.)


1. Closest pink thing to you?: A plastic cup.
2. Do you like sweet things?: Yeeeeeessss.
3. Like play-fighting?: Yes, as long as it's actually playing.
4. Are you sensitive?: To some things. If a pattern's built up of something regularly being a problem, it will start being a problem for me in smaller and smaller doses. Also, I can't handle loud noise.
5. Do you like punk music?: No. There might be individual songs I like that could be called punk, but I can't think of any.


1. Closest white thing to you?: Underwear!
2. Would you say you're innocent?: Heh heh heh.
3. Always try to keep the peace?: Not if something needs to be fought for.
4. How do you imagine your wedding?: I remember my wedding, I don't imagine it.
5. Do you like to play in the snow?: Yes. Once.
6. Are you afraid of going to the doctor or dentist?: Not of going, no. Shots, now, shots are a different story.


1. Closest black thing to you?: Three options: Sweatshirt, socks, and keyboard. They're all touching me right now, so I think they tie.
2. Ever enjoy hurting people?: Look! Behind you! A zeppelin! ::flees to next question::
3. Are you sophisticated or silly?: More silly than sophisticated, but they're not at all opposites.
4. Would you like to go to space?: YES. YES. YES.
5. Do you have a lot of secrets?: Not a lot, no. There are many things about me that most people don't know, but if they asked I'd probably explain.
6. What is your favorite color?: I like dark greens and blues. Purple is nice; red is a good accent color; yellow and orange are tolerable in small quantities. Oh, and brown is very nice, too, especially in natural wood or stone. I wear a lot of black, because it looks good and goes with everything, but I wouldn't say it's a favorite color.
7. Does the color you wear affect your mood?: No, usually it's more the other way around.
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