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I did things this weekend other than hurt myself, too


andres_s_p_b and I took the train up to San Francisco to see the Anselm Kiefer exhibit at the art museum. (If you like my description, tough -- it left on Sunday so you don't get to see it, nyah nyah.) We had our usual dammit-you-are-making-us-late-working-up-a-good-head-of-angry and then didn't actually miss the train. We seem to have learned how to have this fight without ever in fact speaking, which is... efficient, at least.

We had lunch in a little restaurant called Naan 'n' Chutney, which is quite new and still has the decorations from whatever was there before. The whole wall is covered in Lascaux-type cave paintings, which makes for a fairly cool atmosphere even if it's from an entirely different culture. Their naan was a bit strange -- lighter and more baking-soda-y than I'm used to, sort of like a cross between naan and a soda cracker. Good, though. Not greasy like you sometimes get, and everything else was tasty too.

The exhibit was neat. I'd discovered on the SFMOMA website that they'll give you 2 dollars off admission for every MP3 player you bring with the current Artcast on it, so we got discounted tickets and I had my own private audio tour. (Oddly, the paintings mentioned on the tour were in totally different rooms in an entirely different order than they appeared in the tour.) I liked all the things with wings, snakes, or books in them, and the painting covered in sunflower seeds which had interestingly varied connotations when viewed from different distances imagining the seeds to be different things.

The biographical information demonstrated that artists who work mainly in lead are crazy. I am not sure whether this is a cause or an effect.

The rest of the museum was kind of in transition -- they're swapping out several exhibits just now, so there were a lot of crates and whatnot lying around. (That horrible porcelain statue of Michael Jackson and his chimpanzee is getting packed up, thank goodness.) We got to see an artist assembling her sculpture. She'd taken a bunch of cinderblocks and broken them, covering the exposed surfaces with white glue and silver glitter. Then she'd arranged them in a sort of open latticework. When we got there, she was just figuring out where to put the last, smallest, pieces. The decision process seemed to mostly consist of standing very still for a long time and occasionally moving slightly further away or to another angle to continue standing still. I will be curious to see if the one piece we saw her place is still in the same spot later on.


We went to see Pan's Labyrinth with some friends. It was an excellent film, although quite possibly the most depressing movie I've seen in my life and the first time I've needed to hide my eyes since, if I recall correctly, Beetlejuice when I was nine.

It deserves every award it gets, and you should all go see it. My one quibble, below, is rot13d so those of you who haven't seen it may more easily avert your eyes from the minor spoiler. Jung xvaq bs tvey envfrq ba snvel gnyrf rngf gur tencrf?! Ehyr 1 vf Qba'g rng nalguvat va gur fpnel cynpr; Ehyr 2 vf Qba'g qb nalguvat lbhe crefbany dhrfg thvqr gryyf lbh abg gb! (Ehyr 3 vf cebonoyl Qb abg yvatre arne gur fyrrcvat zbafgre, rfcrpvnyyl vs gurer ner cvpgherf ba gur jnyy bs vg rngvat onovrf. V zrna ernyyl.

Otherwise, totally awesome.


Fondue at tenacious_snail's. Mmmm, fondue.


Broke the color copier.

Fixed the color copier.

No longer trust the color copier.
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