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The Minor Injury of the Month Club

I appear to have signed up for the Minor Injury of the Month Club. I'm not sure when; I seem to have lost the paperwork. Looks like they lost my paperwork for a while, too, because I got the last couple month's worth all in a bunch here.

Saturday's deliveries:
* scalded fingers in pasta water when distracted while stirring
* as reaction to above, dropped/pulled up on spoon in such a way as to splash boiling water and sticky pasta on andres_s_p_b

* cut finger while washing knife (not badly; I wouldn't even complain about it if it didn't fit in the list so nicely)
* bonked the heck out of my nose when brooksmoses and I both moved our heads at exactly the wrong moment. We've got timing, yes we do. (The sympathetic witnesses then got to hear the story of The Time I Slammed My Nose in a Car Door, and how very much worse that was.)
* closed bathroom stall door on little finger (hurt like crazy; doesn't seem to be broken, but I was worried for a while there)

Today (so far):
* managed to whack both thumbs against a sharp bookshelf corner simultaneously; bled copiously

And sometime earlier this week, I managed to put a pretty good slice in my thumb with the bread knife, and scratch my ear, which has since been doing that annoying itch-until-scab-comes-off, bleed-some-more, itch-et-cetera cycle.

Does anybody have a nice, safe, padded room I can borrow for a while?
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