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Yet Another Near-Death Experience
red river hog
Imagine that you are driving a small white car. You are approaching an intersection, and wish to turn right. The light facing you is red. Do you:

(A) stop at the light, check for cross traffic, then turn right
(B) slow down before turning
(C) drive directly through the bicyclist on the cross street

I am unharmed, for I was paying attention, and there wasn't anyone in the left lane (to which I dodged). The driver saw me when she was about 45 degrees through her turn, at roughly the point where if I hadn't dodged her car would have been centered over me, and then stopped.

The other bizarre bike-related thing that happened today is that when I got off the train, unlocked my bike from the rack, arranged all my little accoutrements (lock, cable, helmet, front light, garter, gloves...), and pulled my bike away from the rack, it didn't come.

Closer examination revealed that someone had used a zip tie to attach my bike to the rack. Fortunately, I carry nail clippers, so about 30 seconds of dedicated gnawing later the bike was freed. But seriously, WTF?

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Closer examination revealed that someone had used a zip tie to attach my bike to the rack.

One thought is the transit athourity is worried about bikes left for days and days at a time. So once in a while they zip tie all the bikes. Then a few day later, they can see which have been moved. A zip tie does seem a bit over kill to me.

I considered a similar possibility, but none of the other nearby bikes had been zip tied[1]. Beside, wouldn't they have left a note? I see Notes From Authorities on bikes at the train station fairly frequently, on the bikes that are locked to fences or trees where they aren't supposed to be, to the effect that those bikes had better be gone within a day or two, or they will be impounded.

[1]Which also kinda rules out "random troublemaker with a bag of zip ties decides to irritate the bicyclists", doesn't it? Hm.

I'm not sure why this came to me...perhaps something from LJ is in the "screwy" mode. Hope the response made it to the appropriate people.

Random troublemaker with a single zip-tie?

They're not that hard to undo without cutting them, if you've got a sharpish poky-thing to stick into the latching part. And then you've got a random zip-tie to do something with.

However, I'm not at all sure how likely a person is to have both the "habitually undoes zip ties without cutting them, so as to avoid wasting a perfectly good zip tie" character trait and the "would randomly zip-tie a bike to the rack to annoy a random stranger" trait....

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