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The world is functioning well and smoothly
We have arrived in the San Francisco Bay Area. We're staying at andres_s_p_b's uncle's house in San Jose until our furniture gets here, which will happen on the 3rd. Today we signed most of the lease papers for our new place, then got local maps and the cashier's check we need for the deposit and first month's rent and so on. Tomorrow we will do the pre-move-in inspection and get keys. We may get the utilities set up today, or we may go get some groceries and do utilities tomorrow.

Last night, after we arrived, we pondered the concept of dinner for a while. "I feel like Thai," I said, and thanks to the magic of Google Maps, not ten minutes later we found ourselves in a lovely little Thai restaurant with great food.

Also, while we were exploring earlier, we entered a grocery store (we thought it had a bank in it, to get the cashier's check, but it only had an ATM) and there was a huuuuuge display of avocados at 10 for $10.

I think I'm going to like it here.

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Welcome to the west coast!

(Deleted comment)
Avocados are the plant kingdom's answer to butter!

Despite their tempting similarities, avocados do not make an acceptable substitute for butter in any known cake, cookie, or pastry recipe.

But they are damn good in a salad, which butter is not.

So trade-offs.

Actually, I do have a cake recipe which uses avocado. (I haven't looked at it too closely, but I'm pretty sure it's at least a partial replacement for the butter.)

Good heavens.

Clearly this must be tried. Can I borrow whatever book / pamphlet / avocado-stained piece of paper has the recipe when you get back?

You may, indeed.

It is a small book, about a hundred pages long, entitled "The Alluring Avocado" in excessively curlicued script of a sort that demonstrates with decisive certainty that the book was written sometime around 1970. It's sort of like a recipe book for how to do Iron Chef: Avocado, except without all the expensive ingredients and with a distinctly 1970s sensibility.

Now that I think of it, they're more comparable to cheese than butter. I especially like eating them on crackers. Triscuits are the best for this.

Hm. Avocados can't be melted (an important characteristic of cheese), but they can be squashed, which has similar results. A fair comparison. And cheese and avocados go together well, too! (For some types of cheese, anyway.)

Has snow?
Minnesota: yes
California: no [1]
Winner: California!

[1] Except up in the mountains, where it can be visited if desired but does not interfere with my daily life in any way.

And avocados are the bestest alligator-skinned green fruit in the whole world.

Thank you for the gladness!

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