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Clinical Insanity in Homo gingerbreadensis

I made gingerbread people (and trees, and bells, and stars) yesterday. I also made lemon icing to decorate them with. The bells and stars look fine, the trees came out very well, but some of the gingerbread people are a little... odd.

Six scary ginger men, five gold rings, four calling birds...

Keep in mind that many of these represent my second try, after the first face was so scary I wiped it off to start fresh.

Also, that one on the top left? I was trying for business wear, see -- that's supposed to be a tie. I'm... not entirely sure what it came out as, exactly, but I don't think it's office-appropriate. He was the first or second one I tried, and the whole experience was so scarring I stuck with the traditional three buttons and smiley face for all the rest.
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