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The thing I like least about LiveJournal
So you know that button that says "previous", that shows up in most journal layouts? I like that button; I use it a lot.[1] I use it to check to make sure I haven't missed anything from people I'm particularly interested in reading when I haven't read LiveJournal for a while, I use it to check up on the last two or three posts from people who attract interesting comments to see if there are any more interesting comments, and I use it when someone links to the journal of a person I don't know, if the person I don't know seems interesting or is a good writer and I want to see what else they've had to say recently.

But if there is a filtered entry for which I am not on the filter, I get that screen that says "Error: You are not authorized to view this protected entry." That screen doesn't have a "previous" button. I hate that screen. I can't get past it easily; I have to stop and go to an entirely different journal view. This is annoying enough when it's the journal of someone I don't know, or someone I do know who has known categories of stuff I'm filtered out of (private relationship issues, say, or inviting local people to parties I'm not local to), but when it's someone I know well who usually doesn't filter things in such a way that I can't see them, it's Just Mean (of LiveJournal, not of the person filtering). There are plenty of good reasons for me not to see things, but I would so much rather not know anything had been posted at all and just skip to the next entry I can read.

You see, I'm an information junkie. I need my information. LiveJournal informing me that there's an entry, and it knows what it is, but I can't see it, is like dangling catnip. I go into these horrible fits of curiosity, occasionally combined with angst of the "What if it's about me?! What if they're upset about something I did, and I don't know what it was, and they won't tell me, and then I'll do it again and EVERYONE WILL HATE ME ARGH!!!" variety.

These fits do pass, in time.

But man, I wish I didn't see those screens.

[1] Andres chimes in: "Did you know that the two most common links on the Internet are 'next' and 'previous'?"

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I got one of those earlier, though it was a case of 'I want to review the post immediately previous to this o--heeeeeey.'

And now I'm wondering if that was in my journal, given the unexpectedness that that "heeeeeey" seems to convey. (I recently posted an entry that was locked to just one person, because I was in a real-timeish online conversation with them that got interrupted by what looked like a server crash, and couldn't think of another way to send them a private message.)

A-ha! And the culprit reveals himself.

You live!

Was the crash in question related to you falling off overlandmush?

Not very much related, really. Tangentially related, in some odd ways, but nothing causal or direct.

I should stop being fallen-off, though.

At least you're no longer unjustified?

Heh. There is that, yeah. I should fix the column sizes in the hardcode. :)

Er, hmm; actually, I take that back. It turns out that it was the cause of my connection disconnecting (I hadn't noticed that it had done so), but it wasn't the cause of my having been unidle.

I do private posts or posts filtered only to B fairly often -- I use LJ to keep track of migraines and other recurrent health issues, for example. I don't usually trouble people with the "took 2 doses of XXX, experienced these side effects, it took N long to begin affecting me, blahblahblahlblahboringhealthstuff" types of entries.

I also hate that page.

What I usually do is go to the calendar function instead and type in "http://tshuma.livejournal.com/calendar/2006/11/30" and do the day forward and day back, or even just go to the month listing and open windows from there (so as not to have to click through days and days of no entries." Even so, I really, really think the "previous" functionality should logically be "take me to the previous post to this that I can read". I don't care about the ones I can't read, dammit!

I really, really think the "previous" functionality should logically be "take me to the previous post to this that I can read".

Absolutely! Or at least the "Error: protected entry" page should have the darned "previous" button.

It's probably a generic page that displays whatever relevant exception information is available and doesn't know where the user was when it was called, so it can't show previous and next links.

Having the previous and next links be smart enough to know what you can see would be do-able (I say knowing next to nothing about how livejournal works) though it might be too database intensive or whatever.

I program websites for a living. yay!

YES! Either of these would be perfect.

I whole heartedly agree. And my apologies if you hit one of those in my LJ (I'm not sure exactly which filters your journal is on anymore, and it has changed since you moved...)

I hit them in your journal sometimes, but you post about a lot of stuff I'm not privy to, so they're not very surprising. I am still consumed with curiosity, mind you, but I'm fairly sure it's not about me (or any of my business), so it's easier to suppress.

Oh, yes, this would have to be my most common LJ whinge. Why, why, why? did they implement like this?

Huh, I never use that -- I just go to their journal to see the most recent page of their postings, and also their profile.

Also, their journal generally has a "View older" link of some kind, so you can see more than one page if needed.

And I use that method too, but partly because of this problem -- sometimes I"d like to see posts with comments without all the back and forthing.

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