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Statistical anomaly or social ineptness?

Board games yesterday were lots of fun. Yay board games, thank you people who came.

However, the gender composition of the group that actually turned up was a bit weird, statistically speaking.

The people invited to this particular event were mostly people I had some reason to believe either (1) liked board games or (2) were up for a bit of social interaction. In this particular case, that was mostly members of my major social circle and folks from the Google Wednesday night board games group, with a few extras here and there.

men: 9
women: 8

Said they couldn't make it:
men: 1
women: 1

Were visibly enthusiastic (requested invitation upon more general mention, said they would probably come, etc.):
men: 3
women: 3

Actually came:
men: 5
women: 1

While I did just say this was a bit weird statistically speaking, really it's not if the statistics in question are "Who goes to parties at my place?" Most social gatherings I host come out like this, with roughly gender-equal invitation lists and actual attendees who skew mostly male. What I would like to know is:

1. Why?

2. Why do other people's parties I go to seem to be either roughly even or skewed female?

I have two, opposite, theories. First, it could be that for whatever reason the women I know tend to be really social / generally busy, and have lots of invitations or plans to deal with, so by the time I ask them to do anything they are wiped out and have no energy left to enjoy it, whereas the guys all have less to do and therefore accept my invitations because they don't have any conflicting plans. Or, the other way around, the groups could be equally busy but through whatever random statistical chance the men have more social energy to spend so are more likely to accept invitations. (In both of these cases, the more even / skewed female distribution at other people's parties is explained by "They like the other people better than me." Or, more specifically, that they like the other people's parties better than mine, and that there is therefore some sort of party-holding skill or skills I am missing or deficient in.)

I realize that I am this close --> <-- to asking the dumbest question in the world (which is of course "What do women want?"), but. Women who happen to be reading this, and more-or-less local and more-or-less in my various social circles: Why do I mostly see you online? The people about whom I think most often "Hey, I should spend more time with X," are (a) mostly female and (b) mostly reading this, so... hi! We should hang out some time!
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