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Good stuff:

1. A car/bicycle interaction that was just as confusing as, but much more cheerful than, the last one.

In the left-turn lane, from front to back: Other Bicyclist, Woman in Burgundy Sedan, Me. We're all sitting there blinking in our various ways, and the driver opens her door to lean out and ask me if I'd like to go in front to be with the other bicyclist. I'm a bit confused by this, and allow as how I'm perfectly happy where I am, in line to turn left and all, and she seems a little confused but pleasant, and then the light turns green and we all go on our merry ways.

So still a rather peculiar thing, but good intentions. It was nice to be considered.

2. Got ambushed on the train by brooksmoses on Tuesday. This is what comes of having predictable habits.

3. I thought, early in the week, that I was horribly undersocialized (in the sense of not having been spending enough time with people recently, not the sense of not having been trained to deal with people when young), but then realized that I was completely wrong. I am missing specific people, mostly my family because I'm not going to see them this holiday season and that makes me sad, but I am okay in general. I also have a bunch of art I want to play with, so now I am looking forward to having a Thanksgiving holiday wherein Andres and I will be, as far as we can tell, the only humans left in the entire Bay Area, because it will give me lots of time to get things done. So that's nice.

(Not that I am against having an emergency party, if you will be one of the few humans not leaving town. In fact, I would be delighted to have anybody feeling abandoned or adrift over for Thanksgiving-type dinner. I will feed you pie.)

Weird stuff:

1. I am covered in tiny red spots and itchy all over. I was a little worried that this might be something contagious, but it looks like it is instead an allergic reaction to the antibiotic the dentist prescribed after the root canal. Fortunately, I have had the last dose of antibiotic already (this didn't pop up until the last few days of treatment, and I didn't realize it might be an allergy until there was only one pill left, so I went ahead and finished it off), so it ought to go away Any Minute Now. Really. Any time; I'm ready.

2. It appears that, instead of someone having stolen my bicycle helmet on Wednesday, someone instead vandalized my bicycle helmet on Wednesday. When I got off the train, my helmet was not hanging from the handlebars where I'd left it, but there was an identical helmet on a bike on the other rack. Now, this isn't a particularly special or hard-to-find helmet, so I thought it might be a coincidentally identical helmet belonging to that bike's owner, or it might be mine, having fallen off my bike and been moved. So I decided I would go see if the straps and things were set for me, on the assumption that if they were right it was probably mine, and if they weren't then it was someone else's.

The straps were set correctly, and the interior stickers were coming off in just the right way, which made me think it might be mine. However, some of the interior padding had been removed, meaning that either it wasn't mine, or it was but someone had taken out the padding. Without the padding it doesn't fit my head anyway, so I left it there on the theory that it might be someone else's (with a head that doesn't need padding) and went and bought a new one. (Irritatingly, Target didn't have any of the same kind. The similar-but-not-the-same kind they did have sticks to my hair more. Grr.)

But today the helmet is still there, on the ground. So it must be mine after all. Monday I will leave space in my backpack for it and bring it home, I guess, although it's no good to me without the padding.

3. Saw a movie called Rat today. It was a very strange mixture of realistic rat behavior and cartoon violence. Rather disturbing, really, even though it was blatantly obvious when they switched to animatronics. The real rat they had in the lead was adorable, and reminded me a lot of Clio[1]. Very mellow, very chubby, very tolerant and good-natured.

I can't say I recommend the movie, particularly, unless you just want to look at a cute rat for a while. It suffers from the "only one likable character" problem. And an almost total lack of actual logic.

Stuff you can help with:

1. I have gotten to here. Need... more... clues....


[1] Speaking of which, I've updated the rats' website, so there are actually pictures of Calliope and Echo up now.

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(Deleted comment)
That would be nice. Hmm... low-key, low-key... you want in on the hair thing? We could all sit around in our pajamas and do our hair and giggle! (To get the proper tone on that last sentence, imagine that my journal has suddenly turned pink, with rainbows and unicorns and an adorable animated Siamese kitten chasing the mouse pointer.) Which, actually, sounds like fun. Maybe lay in some temporary dye or something if you want to be involved on the receiving end?

Still want to play with hair?

Hey, yeah, we still haven't done that. I am free totally whenever starting Wednesday evening (well, not Friday morning because I'm picking folks back up from the airport, but other than that).

Heh, I was leaving town starting Wednesday morning. Oh, well, back now.

Clock page: think of some times of day you can specify with a quick word or so.

Aha... indeed, indeed. Thank you!

I wonder if the driver assumed, seeing two bicyclists in one place, that they must be biking together. Because bicyclists are just so RARE, you know. :-)

Alexei and I are not leaving the Bay Area during Thanksgiving weekend. We thought about traveling to visit my family, but it would've been expensive and not terribly convenient, and so we wimped out.

That does seem a likely train of thought.

And clearly I should check around more before assuming I have a statistically significant sample of People I Know and extrapolating to the rest of you. Want pie?

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