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People are confusing
After work today, leaving the train station and toddling along my usual route, this car pulled up beside me and someone inside yelled, very loudly and distinctly, "You... are not... a car!"

He seemed upset about it.

My initial reactions ("That is why I am in the bike lane" and "Neither are you, you [adjective] [noun]") were sadly swamped by confusion until he was out of range. Not that I think it would be a good idea to get involved in a driver-bicyclist altercation of any sort, but some people really do need to be... educated.

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Maybe he was unaware of the fact that bicycles are supposed to obey the rules of the road that apply to wheeled vehicles, not the ones that apply to pedestrians? And was perturbed by something that you did that exhibited awareness of that fact?

Rude and obnoxious of him nonetheless, though.

Turned left a few minutes previous? I mean, it wasn't like I even had to swing out into a regular lane to get around a car parked in the bike lane or anything.

Clearly, this was a revelation of such profound potency to the fellow that he felt the need to share, unaware that to people of less limited cognition your non-mechanical nature is well evident.

Perfect! I was thinking roughly the same thing. Similar to the Tick discovering his pockets.

"I will leave you to this revelation, my friend."

I think if one is going to be surprised by the presence of bicyclists on San Francisco Bay Area roads, one is going to spend an awful lot of time being surprised.

Maybe he's new in town!

I have been told that a goldfish's long-term memory lasts for four seconds.

Good for him he's not in Copenhagen ;-)

Yeah. My Snarky Twin[TM] would have have jumped in with "Very good observation!", probably before I'd even had time to think about it.

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