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I didn't vote today

Because I voted on Saturday. Yay early voting!

Now I'm checking assorted reporting websites and quivering slightly while I wait for the results to come in. I'm all nervous, but excited too because it looks pretty good so far! Then again, it looked good for a while in 2000 there, so I'll be sticking mostly with 'nervous' for a while yet.

Or maybe that's the drugs.

See, I got root-canaled today. It was surprisingly simple, at least after the fourth shot of Novocaine. (The first few didn't take so well.) I have discovered an entirely new level of nervous, caused by other people putting burning things! in my mouth! and producing smoke!

I now have a bit of cotton sealed into my tooth, under a temporary filling, and will be getting a crown put on three weeks from now. And then another two weeks from then (for hardening, or something). In the meantime I have antibiotics, which I am supposed to take for a week, and Serious Pain Medication, which I am supposed to take only if I need it. I must remember to bring both these things to work tomorrow.

The other exciting thing that happened today was just a minute ago. While I was poking at election returns, I heard a sudden explosion of cursing from the kitchen. This is not in itself particularly unusual, but when I went to investigate neither Andres nor dinner had suffered any harm. Instead, there was water on the ceiling, water on the floor, water on Andres, and the kitchen faucet lying in the bottom of the sink. Fortunately, it has a nice simple screw-type attachment, and seems to be more-or-less firmly back on now.
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