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Help... me....
The brain-eating game is still eating my brain.

I am here.

Have you any hints? Answers I could fill in? Clever suggestions I might try?

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That is EVIL!

Oh wow, I managed to get 7 answers added. Let me know if you want me to share them. :)

There's a reason I'm making her pick questions off it to ask me in IM, rather than going to look at it myself! ;)

The seven I added were in the section which she directly linked to. :)

I looked around otherwise a tiny bit, and was disappointed in myself that I was utterly clueless about the unanswered ones around "geography".

I'm working on my MA in geography. ::sigh::

Hm -- I think I've probably filled in your seven now, but if I am wrong do please let me know what the missing ones are.

I too am frustrated by the maps/geography area. Although I did at least figure out the ones attached to F.

Oh, that's evil.

Right, back to guessing.

to the whole thing completed.

http://shygypsy.com/farm/p.cgi. And here's where I found it, in case the link doesn't work: http://msgboard.snopes.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=71;t=001463;p=1

If you don't want to go that route, try desert storm.

Drat, neither of those links will work. The first one is to the game in general, not the state-of-completeness, and only fills in what one has on one's computer as cookies. Links to states-of-game are long and ugly and look like this:
They come from clicking the "Save Game" button.

The second link is giving me some kind of error message, or possibly notification that the message boards have moved, or that I'm not logged in, or something. It's a little unclear.

I wouldn't want to look at the whole thing myself, because I do want to figure out as many as I can, but it would be an excellent resource at which to point a minion who doesn't want to play, particularly, and wishes I would stop pestering him about it so much, so that he could look things up and construct Hints and Clues for me. ::cough:: You know, hypothetically.

Hmm, I opened it in firefox, and it worked just fine for me. I'm not sure what the difference was, but at one point I had three different versions of the game up. (One I started, your link, and then the completed one.)

But desert storm was awesomely helpful, thanks bunches! I had been sitting there going "desert sands? desert night? desert genie?" and failing completely to get anywhere.

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