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Good things

As previously mentioned, life is in fact good. Here are some things that made me happy today:
  • Andres
    • who made lasagna for dinner tonight
      • lots of lasagna, which will provide me with lunch for most of next week
  • Brooks
    • who happened to be passing the bike shop yesterday, so stopped and got me a shiny new light
  • a shiny new bike on which to put the light
    • which I get adjusted a little bit more to my liking every day
    • and which decided of its own accord to stop making that irritating squeaking sound
    • and which comes with a free tune-up anyway
  • very heavy books (er, watch that second link; it's not safe for children or particularly observant coworkers)
    • which were delivered to our doorstep
      • much faster than was predicted
  • chocolate chip cookies
    • which are in the oven right now
    • and taste darn good prior to being cooked
  • organic free-range eggs
  • vanilla extract
    • and its availability on demand, any time of day or night
  • tea-flavored rock candy
    • and the bad influence who didn't talk me out of it when I thought of it
    • and the husband who didn't mind having it sitting on the counter for months
  • iPod!
  • computers in general
  • instant messaging
  • getting to see interesting things while walking to work
  • tea
  • assorted rats being cute
    • and fuzzy
    • and appreciative of their cage
  • HTML and the clever things it can do
  • helpful websites to remind me of certain of the clever things HTML can do
  • I live in the best possible town
    • in the best possible area
      • of the best possible state
        • for me, personally
      • pine trees and palm trees right next to each other, which remind me of this
  • running water
  • chocolate chip cookies
    • which are not in the oven anymore
    • and taste darn good after being cooked, too
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