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Upstairs neighbors up the ante
The upstairs neighbors have always been annoying, but they haven't tried to kill us until today.

Our previous upstairs neighbors were a very nice professor and her sweet, cheerful daughter. They would get up early in the morning, quietly prepare for their day, and head out to the university and the elementary school, leaving our ceiling in blissful silent peace. In the afternoons and early evenings, there would be occasional sounds of youthful exuberance or violin practice, both quite pleasant to overhear.

Then they moved out, and these people moved in. We thought "Oh, they're grad students, they'll be nice and quiet!" but they are not. They are home all day, with the TV or the stereo on the whole time. They run the vacuum cleaner at 8:30 in the morning. They have an annoying little dog, which they yell at a lot. Their bedsprings squeak really loudly. They do laundry almost every day (since the washer and the dryer are in the basement, this makes a lot more noise in our place than in theirs).

And this evening, while they were having a very loud Christmas party and we were in the living room packing books, we heard the sound level from upstairs suddenly increase, as though someone were stomping on the floor as hard as they could. Then we heard an enormous crash from our kitchen, as the stomping dislodged the glass cover over the overhead light, sending it smashing to the floor.

I'm just glad neither of us was in the kitchen at the time, or we could have been seriously hurt.
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sorry, couldn't resist...

Upstairs neighbors up the ante

Up the something, anyway.

Wow. No wonder you're so in favor of the idea of not having upstairs neighbors when you move!

Yep. These guys are... not the worst-case scenario, by any means, but they do serve as a warning just how annoying neighbors can be.

(They're vacuuming again right now. And a minute ago the dog was barking at the vacuum cleaner, but he has hushed up now.)

Maybe they don't realize how loud it is in your apartment? D'you think it would help if you mentioned it to them?

Well, we're moving on Friday anyway. It's not that annoying, really. They haven't kept us from sleep or anything (if they had, then there would be some confrontation -- I get very irritable when kept up).

Sympathy. I used to live near a university. None of the grad students living upstairs from me were ever quiet.

The grad students we used to live with were quiet. One of them would watch a lot of sports, so his TV was on, but he kept the volume low enough that we couldn't hear it through the floor.

And the vacuum cleaner was almost never used. (Not, in all ways, an advantage when sharing living quarters, but given the near-constant noise from upstairs right now it seems like a good thing.)


Did you ever find out what they were doing?

Not a clue. Being very drunk, certainly, but beyond that I don't know. The landlord (I told her about this when she phoned this morning) suggested that perhaps a keg was involved, and had been dropped or something, but it was a repeated sort of noise, so unless someone picked the hypothetical keg up and repeatedly slammed it into the floor I don't think that was it.

And the landlord had nothing else to say but, "Oh, there was probably a keg involved somehow"? My last landlord would've laid the smackdown.

These landlords live in Virginia. There's not a whole lot of smack that can be laid down from a few states over.

Ah. Thusly why I didn't say "my current landlord" since he's in like ... New Jersey. -_-;;

At least you won't be putting up with it for much longer.

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