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Game... eating... my... brain...
I blame epi_lj for pointing me at this thing.

I have gotten to here and am now a bit stuck. I seem to have used up my Google-fu on the bands and poker stars and drugs (it's a sheltered life I lead) but am clearly in need of more.

Just filling in other people's answers is not quite as satisfying as it might be, but if anyone has any clever hints or useful resources they could guide me to for filling in a couple more of these I would really appreciate it.

(Note: As I've been filling more things in, I've been editing the link in this post to reflect the current state of the game.)

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I could *try* to come up with hints for specific squares, but I can't guarantee any, since I'd just be looking at a completed one and trying to brainstorm hints -- I didn't play the thing much myself.

Yay hints! You know, if you've got time.

Ooh, that was helpful.

It is very wrong that the first screen I've got filled in all the way is the baseball one.

here's a more obscure hint:

comic books page: an illegal act

Aha, that one only made sense after I got it.

savior of the universe

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