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Well, that sucks
My bike was stolen today.

It looked, from the evidence lying around (bit of broken lock, locks chained to rack with no bikes in them), like quite a few bikes were stolen from the train station along with mine.

The police were actually quite pleasant and helpful, although they don't have much hope it'll actually be recovered.

And right after I got a new seat (and light, and gloves -- although I do at least still have the gloves), too. :(

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That SUCKS! I'm so sorry to hear that.

Ow. That really scrapes. (hug)

That sucks big time. It's just so annoying when that happens; it's not just a bike, it's your bike, with lots of little things and details you've done to make it just right.

<Hugs> if you want them.

GNARR!!!! I've had that happen to me, and it well and truly sucks. :(

Ugh and sympathy from another bike rider. I've never had one stolen off a rack, but once in college my bike was stolen right out of the garage in the middle of the afternoon while I was home.

That's awful! I got inured to bike theft on campus, but I'm still shocked by it elsewhere, I guess. It just sucks so badly to have one's transportation stolen.

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