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A word problem
Q: If I am on a train going from point A to point B at approximately 80 miles per hour, and a car is stalled on the tracks at point C (between A and B), how many hours will I be late to work?

A: As it turns out, about two.

No one was hurt -- the driver of the car realized that the car was stalled, got out, and ran for it. We smacked into the car, reducing it to a more or less two-dimensional state, dragging it a good long distance, and knocking out the electricity on the train (did some more damage to the train, too, but I don't know what exactly). The conductors were pretty good about keeping us informed about what was going on, and got the wreckage out of the way and another train up on the parallel track to send us on our way with all reasonable speed.

So I had an exciting morning! How was yours?

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Ouch. That most have been a hugely unpleasant experience. Glad to know no-one was hurt - things could have gone really bad (e.g., the train not staying on the tracks). Hope you're not too shaken - literally or figuratively.

Me, I spent the morning driving 200 miles north to Gothenburg, Sweden - on what should have been a highway but looked more like a 200-mile-construction-site. I got a bit stressed, as I was on my way to a conference where I had invited several key speakers; not being there to greet people wouldn't look good. But, hey - I made it just in time.

Okay... it's silly of me to continue not to mention it.

Err... this be Rebecca of the gaming group. Yarrr... I'm on the wretched site as well. Quite an active user in fact. Did the (again) should I/shouldn't I dance in regards to mentioning it since I found you the moment the two wicked letter J & L were dropped in a previous email.... seems fair at least to mention it.

I do so much social networking on it, it seemed silly not to mention it... but still... I feel hesitant for some reason? Just a case of the crazies, I'm sure...

anyway... Hi! :)

I do, in fact, deliberately try to be pretty easy to find, at least for people who know this name. Good to see you!

Heck, I do social networking for a living. I just don't keep a profile or blog on a social networking site, though I do snuffle around on occasion. It's kind of like being an anthropologist studying an almost-familiar, yet still curious, culture. (Hmm, maybe I should sign up for the ad-supported "Plus" service just so I can see what the ads are like...)

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