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A word problem

Q: If I am on a train going from point A to point B at approximately 80 miles per hour, and a car is stalled on the tracks at point C (between A and B), how many hours will I be late to work?

A: As it turns out, about two.

No one was hurt -- the driver of the car realized that the car was stalled, got out, and ran for it. We smacked into the car, reducing it to a more or less two-dimensional state, dragging it a good long distance, and knocking out the electricity on the train (did some more damage to the train, too, but I don't know what exactly). The conductors were pretty good about keeping us informed about what was going on, and got the wreckage out of the way and another train up on the parallel track to send us on our way with all reasonable speed.

So I had an exciting morning! How was yours?
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